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Scientists claim that the world’s whitest paint could help slow down climate change.

Purdue University has developed the whitest paint in the world which has now made it into the book of Guinness World Records, as the whitest paint ever made. The scientists’ goal was to develop a paint that would reflect most of the sunlight away from the building. According to the studies, the paint reflects 98.1% of solar radiation along with infrared heat. The scientists say that this was a product they’ve developed with the aim of curbing global warming.

Xiulin Ruan, a professor at Purdue stated that the project had been started seven years ago, with energy conservation and ways to fight climate change in mind. The paint turned out to be exceptionally white in the process of making it extremely reflective. The paint has the ability to emit infrared radiations while also reflecting almost all the radiations that are incident from the Sun. The reason behind this is the ability of the paint to absorb less solar radiations than it releases. This peculiarity will help the surface below the paint to cool down without any power consumption.


The paint will allow the buildings to cool down without mechanical measures like air conditioning, which will result in lower emissions and energy consumption. An area of 1000 square feet coated with this paint can save power equivalent to 10 kilowatts. That is more powerful the air conditioning systems that are used by most of the household, Ruan added.


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