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US to expel thousands of migrants from Haiti gathered in Texas.

In United States, Biden administration ramps up plan to expel thousands of Haitian migrants who have crossed borders into Texas. The migrants who crossed the borders seeking to escape hunger and poverty are camping on the Texas border after crossing Mexico.

‘We are all looking for a better life’, said Junior Jean, a 32-year-old Haitian. Jean has lived in the streets of Chile the past four years, searching for food in garbage cans. People re-entered Mexico to purchase food, water and sanitation products wading across Rio Grande on Saturday before returning to the camps near and under a bridge in the city of Del Rio.

The Department of Homeland Security, stated on Saturday that it removed more than 2000 people from the camps to other locations on Friday to process and remove the migrants from US. 400 agents and officers will be sent to the area by Monday morning for the same and it said that more agents would be sent if required. The Haitian migrants responded that Biden administration’s plans to send them back will not discourage them as more and more people continued to reach the camps.

The sudden arrival of Haitians in Del Rio induced a swift response from the administration since the city sits on a remote stretch of border and has no capacity to hold such large numbers of people. The officials said that negotiations with Haitian authorities are progressing. All migrants would be tested for COVID-19 and US would fly five to eight planes a day to remove migrants, starting Sunday.


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