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Amazon must pay its share of taxes, says UK PM Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister of United Kingdom Boris Johnson said he will ask Amazon.com Inc. to pay its fair share of taxes while meeting with Jeff Bezos on Monday.  On his way to US, the Prime Minister spoke to the media. He stated that he will also demand the chairman of Amazon to address the working conditions of the employees in United Kingdom. Johnson also congratulated the ‘massive forestry initiative’ funded by Jeff Bezos.

In June, global policy makers crafted their international tax plan to make sure that Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce company, is included even though the profit margin of the company which is based in United States, is below the proposed threshold. The countries pressurized for a balanced international corporate tax system, to set a new rule for sharing the taxes imposed on the multi- national firms’ profits, in a discussion hosted by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Amazon had been widely criticised for the way it treated its workers, particularly the employees who work in warehouses and delivery staff, who worked in frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Amazon had stated that it was planning to hire ten thousand more employees in the United Kingdom, by the end of 2021. This would increase the number of Amazon employees to fifty-five thousand, adding more job opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic. The new jobs will include roles in different fields such as fashion, digital marketing, video production, cloud computing, software development and Artificial Intelligence, the company said.


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