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Trudeau unlikely to secure majority in Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may lose his bid for a parliamentary majority in Monday’s election in Canada. Polls indicate Liberal Party of Canada might lose to the adversary party of Conservatives in a tight race. In order to pass legislation, Trudeau will be forced to rely on an opposition party if he wins the most seats in Parliament, and still fail to get a majority.

The opposition has relentlessly accused Trudeau of using star power of his father, late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who is still a Liberal icon, when he first won in 2015. But Trudeau’s administration has lost its brand image due to several scandals and high expectations.

Trudeau expects that Canadians will reward him for his better management of the crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemic, as Canada is now one of the most vaccinated nations. Amid lockdowns, hundreds of billions of dollars were spent to revitalize the economy, by the government led by Justin Trudeau. Robert Bothwell, a professor of Canadian history at the university of Toronto commented that Trudeau’s judgement was incredibly stupid.

Trudeau argues that the Canadians need a government that relies and follows science and the Conservatives approached the lockdowns and vaccine mandates in a skeptical way. Erin O’Toole, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada has not revealed the numbers of vaccinated members of the party. Trudeau said in a campaign in Windsor, Ontario that the leader of the conservative party was more interested in standing up for the rights of anti-vaxxers in his party instead of speaking up for the people who have done the right things.

Trudeau supports making the vaccine mandatory for all travellers while conservatives are against it. Alberta, run by a conservative provincial government is in crisis since their intensive care units are overwhelmed with patients with severe illness due to Covid-19. The province has started to ration its health care supplies. The ICUs in Alberta are reserved for the patients who have higher chances of surviving. The authorities have asked for help from the nearby provinces to take in patients from Alberta’s care units.


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