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Bombing in Somalia’s capital kills eight, al-Shabab claims the blast.

A car-bomb exploded in Somalia’s capital on Saturday which took eight lives. The explosion occurred at a checkpoint within one kilometre from Villa Somalia, The Presidential palace in Mogadishu. The district police chief, Mucawiye Ahmed Mudsey confirmed that eight civilians have died and seven others were wounded in the explosion.

Witnesses said that the bomb was detonated in the vehicle laden with explosives was stopped by the police officers for a security check. Every vehicle that passes through the checkpoint were stopped to be checked and cleared before they could pass by the checkpoint. When the bomb exploded, there were several vehicles nearby, Mohamed Hassan, an eye witness told the reporters.

The responsibility of the explosion was claimed by al-Shabaab group. Targeting the main security checkpoint of the presidential palace, the Mujahideen carried out a martyrdom operation. Several commanders and officials from the apostates were present in the area when the attack occurred, the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab extremist group marked in a brief statement.

The al-Shabab jihadist group were pushed out by the African Union troops in 2011, which still holds territory in the country side. The jihadist group were in control of the capital until 2011. Several attacks were launched by the terrorist group which targeted the government and civilians in Mogadishu and in other areas, in the past.


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