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‘Respect must be shown by South Korea to make peace possible’: Kim Yo-jong

North Korean leader’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, told The Associated Press that the country would consider ending the war and participate in an inter-Korean summit only if South Korea showed ‘respect’. In addition to being Kim Jong Un’s key advisor, she is actively involved in shaping North Korea’s image.

She made the statement shortly after Seoul spoke of ending the war. This cold war between the two countries can be ended if the two countries can restore and resume their hotline link, according to the Unification Ministry. In order to conduct these talks, the inter-Korean communication line must first be properly reestablished, the minister said, as smooth and stable communication would be beneficial.

By signing a truce instead of a treaty, the Koreas had paused the 1950-53 war. Consequently, the two countries technically remain at war. The sister of Kim Jong Un, however, says that there will only be an inter-Korean summit if Seoul can guarantee ‘impartiality and an attitude of respect toward one another’.

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She has also proposed that the Summit be held at the earliest opportunity since ‘there is no point in the North and South criticizing each other or engaging in a war of words’. South Korean public dissatisfaction with inter-Korean relations and desire to achieve peaceful stability as soon as possible felt irresistible to her.



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