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The importance of ‘kiss’ and the common mistakes people make during kissing

A kiss will do more than a ‘thousand words’. Kiss is one of the most passionate way of expressing love to your loved ones. It is one of the many things that holds a relationship stronger and together. It is a start to all beautiful things in a relationship like a strong bond, comfort, coziness and more and it helps to enhance your relationship.

But there are several reasons for a kiss to go wrong and bad kissing skills may break your relationship.

Following are some common kissing mistakes:

Bad Breath: A bad breath definitely spoils a kiss. So in order to be a best kisser, you mist be sure that you have a minty fresh breath while kissing. To avoid bad breath, you can use chewing gum or mouthwash.

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Using too much of tongue: This is one of the main causes of a bad kiss. Many people stick their tongue inside their partner’s mouth. For the partner sometimes it may be disgusting. Always start the kiss with the lips and then use the tongue.

Having onions or garlic before kissing: Avoid eating onions and garlic before kissing. It gives bad breath and will spoil your kiss. The smell of onion or garlic makes kissing an act of torture.

Giggling while kissing: This is mostly done by women. Giggling while kissing is one of the worst things you could do. It ruins the moment and your partner might just lose interest.

Staring right into partners eyes: Most of the people prefer kissing with eyes closed and that is exactly how it should be done. You cannot creep out your partner by staring right into his/her eyes while kissing.

The stiff kiss: Kissing a person who stands like a pole is not a good experience at all. The best way to avoid this to take a deep breath and pause a little. Start with small kisses before you go for the grand finale.

The disobedient hands: This is one of the biggest issue that most people face while kissing, where to place hands. A lot of people just let their hands have mind of their own. The best way is to hold your partner like you are holding a baby—soft yet firm. Rest your hands on their nape or just wrap your partner in a comfortable hug.

The clash of teeth: Avoid the clash of the teeth during kiss as it is an embarrassing one. Work on your pucker and go slow, that’s all we can say.

Missing the mouth: This happens when both the partners are still in a confusion whether to kiss or not.

And finally , you must be aware that kissing is not a contest to see how far back you can kiss and no one wins in this game. No one.


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