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United Kingdom puts army on standby due to trucker shortage.

On Tuesday, the gas stations in major cities of United Kingdom ran out of fuel, due to a shortage in heavy good vehicle (HGV) drivers that the country has been facing in few past weeks. The government was prompted to put the army on standby as long queues of angry drivers formed in front of the gas station in order to fill their tanks.

Reuters reported that many of the gas stations were closed with signs that said they had no diesel or petrol. The drivers, in a panic buying mode, made long queues from those fuel stations that were still open. A shortage of truck drivers had brought difficulties to the supply of food and essential products to the retail shops in the country.

The post-Brexit shortage of drivers was worsened due to COVID-19 lock-downs as driving licence testing and training were halted during lock-down period. The country would face shortage in a wide range of items in the run up to Christmas. The driver shortage has created price hikes in different industries such as natural gas production and food and drinks.

Kwasi Kwarteng, business Secretary informed that military tankers had been ordered to be in a state of readiness to be deployed, for delivering fuel if the condition worsened. Drivers drive for hours across London in search of fuel.

People have started to panic over the fuel shortage which led way to several fights at some
British petrol stations. The retailers and logistics companies warned that there would be a rise in the prices for every product from energy to Christmas gifts.

British ministry said that there were sufficient supplies of fuel, but the panic purchase has drained the system along with the shortage in truck drivers. British Medical Association called for health workers and medics to be given priority to access fuel in order to ensure functioning of the health service sector.


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