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La Palma volcano eruption: Lava enters the Atlantic Ocean.

The Spanish island of La Palma was devastated in the recent volcano eruption that has not yet stopped after nine days, causing destruction in the villages from Cumbre Vieja national park in the south of the island.

The molten lava reached the Atlantic Ocean on Tuesday evening, after wrecking several buildings and burning crops. As the lava made contact with the ocean, huge clouds of white steam were reported to rise from the Playa Nueva area. Photographs showed that the lava which flowed to the ocean got piled up near a cliff.

Experts and officials said that there could be consequences when lava flows into the ocean that could cause the formation of toxic gas clouds and big explosions. The emergency services of Canary Islands warned the people who were outdoors to find a safe space for shelter. No casualties were reported.

Miguel Angel Morcuende, director of the Pevolca response committee, had said on Tuesday that when the lava would reach the ocean, strict lockdown rules would be imposed. The lava has been flowing since September 19th which destroyed over 600 houses and many cultivations like banana plantations on the island.

On Monday, thousands of people were evacuated from the surrounding villages and three other villages were locked down as a precaution for the after effects of lava reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

The government announced financial packages to the people to buy new houses and to acquire furniture and other essential household goods, Isabel Rodriguez a government spokesperson told the media.


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