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Young eco-activists ‘have a right to be angry’, Boris Johnson says.


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that young eco activists have a right to be angry, while addressing a climate conference, after Greta Thunberg criticized the world leaders for their inaction against the climate crisis. He admitted that their future was being stolen before their eyes, while mentioning the Youth4Climate program which was held in Milan on Thursday.

He encouraged the youth to demand serious actions from their leaders and politicians ahead of the Climate Change Conference of United Nations in Glasgow, at the beginning of November. He also praised the articulacy and passion of the young climate change activists.

He did not directly respond to Thunberg’s criticism aimed at him, but he stated that their frustration at those who were not doing enough to stop global warming, was justified. Thunberg mocked most of the world leaders including Johnson for their ‘empty words and promises’ about climate actions, on Tuesday.

PM Boris Johnson was quoted by Thunberg in her speech, saying ‘it was not some expensive, politically correct, green act of bunny hugging’. In her speech, Thunberg warned all the world leaders that the science did not lie. She said that UK’s new drilling permissions and licenses for oil and gas in the North Sea were examples for hypocrisy, as Britain was preparing to host the COP26 summit in Glasgow.







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