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US envoy says that rich nations must contribute more to climate actions.

United States Climate Envoy John Kerry, said on Saturday that the major economies of the world must ‘stretch more’ to contribute more to the actions against climate change. He said that these countries must commit more of their energy to do more, at the United Nations climate talks that were coming up next month.

The Climate Change Conference of United Nations, (COP26), aims at securing more ambitious and committed climate actions from about 200 nations that have signed the Paris Agreement of 2015. The Paris Agreement was regarding the collective decision of these countries to limit the global warming to an amount less than two degree Celsius above the pre-industrial temperature levels.

The new funding promises and energy pledges from countries like United States and China have increased the hopes of many. But several G20 countries such as India have not yet made any announcements about their short-term climate action plans to catch up with other countries.

The young climate activists like Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, have demanded that policymakers and world leaders match their actions with their words. The youth have urged the leaders of more than 200 nations to contribute billions of dollars to help the world shift from fossil fuels to sustainable and renewable energy.

A transparent climate finance system and more grants that are targeted to help the vulnerable and poor people to face the intense climate calamities are some of the demands the youth climate activists have put forward.



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