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2021 Nobel Prize for physics goes to three scientists for their study on climate change.


Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Parisi won the 2021 Nobel Prize for Physics, on Tuesday. The award is for their work that helps understand complex systems such as the changing climate of Earth.

The Italian scientist Giorgio Parisi will recieve one half of the 10 million Swedish crown, which is equal to 1.15 million US dollars, for discovering “hidden rules” behind seemingly random movements and swirls in gases or liquids in the 1980s. His findings can be made use in the fields of machine learning, neuroscience, and starling flight formations.

The other half of the prize will be distributed in equal parts between the Japanese-born American scientist, Syukuro Manabe and the German scientist Klaus Hasselmann. The Swedish Academy of Sciences said in a statement that Manabe and Hasselmann had laid  foundation of knowledge about the climate of Earth and how the human interventions influence it. The academy also said that Giorgio Parisi was rewarded for his contributions to the theory of disordered materials and random processes, which was a revolutionary finding.

Parisi, was asked for his message to world leaders who will meet for the climate change conference of United Nations in Glasgow, Scotland, from October 31st. In his reply, he said that it was very urgent that real and strong decisions are taken and to move in a very fast pace against the climate change.






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