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Google and Youtube to cut off monetization from content posted by climate change deniers.

Google has announced that it is pulling a plug on climate change deniers on all of its platforms, on Thursday. The content which contradicts the well-established research on climate change from the scientific community will be banned.

The new rule will specifically target content that claims that climate change is a ‘hoax or a scam’. Anything that denies long-term environmental trends or ignores significant factors of climate change, such as greenhouse gas emissions and human contributions to climate change will also be banned from Google platforms.

Climate-related topics such as debates on climate change and other verifiable researches will be encouraged and monetized. The company announced that it will carefully monitor the content, to differentiate between false claims and authentic reports and discussions on the topic.

Google-owned Youtube had announced a similar move last week, which will also include anti-vaccination content along with content that denies climate change, in the banned list. Previously in October 2020, Youtube had banned misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines from its platform.

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had published a new report with its sixth assessment on the condition of climate change, earlier in August. The report warned about the serious ‘irreversible’ changes caused by global warning. The new monetization policy of Google was structured after consulting experts of climate change from the United Nations’ IPCC. The changes in rules will come into force in November this year.


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