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Climate change famine devastates homes in southern Madagascar.

The drought has hit the southern region of Madagascar again for the fourth consecutive year. According to United Nations, what the southern Madagascar is experiencing is called ‘climate change famine’.

More than a million people in Grand Sud region of southern Madagascar are in great famine and need emergency food aid.

Tsimamorekm Aly, a 44 years old resident in the area stated that there was a lot of rain in the previous years. He said that he had a lot of money from the sweet potatoes that he cultivated.

Now Aly claims that the things have changed as he stood on a vast land covered with ochre dirt, where the only green that could be found was the spiky cacti that grew tall on the barren land.

Several United Nations agencies have warned in the past months about the climate change famine that will affect the poor nations across the globe, as the natural calamities are hitting the Indian Ocean islands hard.

Alice Rahmoun, a spokesperson of the United Nations’ World Food Programme in Madagascar stated that the situation in the south was really worrying. The changing climate has driven the poor families in the country into hunger, she added.

The rainfall patterns are growing erratic in Madagascar every year, the climate scientist at the University of California at Santa Barbara reported.

Madagascar was a victim of climate change, Andry Rajoelina, the President of Madagascar said while visiting the areas that were the worst-affected.

The World Carbon Project says that the country produces less than 0.01 percent of the total carbon dioxide emissions all across the globe.


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