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Dalgona hits the chart with ‘Squid Game’ sensation, Halloween costumes sales gain hike


Seoul: With the hike in popularity of Netflix original series ‘Squid-game”>Squid Game’, the distribution industry has got an unexpected hike in its business. The sale of game items such as dalgona candy, slap-match, and beads have seen a significant growth, along with the sales of snacks and ramen products that contain squid. Halloween sales of costumes featuring ‘squid-game”>Squid Game’ are also gaining popularity.


According to the online marketplace G market, the sales of dalgona kits, which appeared in the survival game of squid-game”>Squid Game, increased by 610% compared to the previous month, from 17th of last month, when the squid-game”>Squid Game was released, to the 6th of this month. Sales of slap-match and tracksuits increased 95% and 89% respectively, and beads have also increased by 11%. Sales of dalgona kits surged 717 per cent in Auction, and slap-match and beads increased 490% and 360%, during the same time period.


Halloween sales of costumes and event wear with ‘squid-game”>Squid Game’ keywords have increased 36% and 150% in G market and Auction respectively, especially for  party masks with ^#* symbols increased by 650% and 121%.


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As kids’ games grab attention, old school snacks which were eaten at the stationery store have also re-emerged in market. Convenient store chain, CU has reported that the sales of jjon-deu-gi and Danjjak candy increased by 51.2% and 33.0% respectively. Apolo (30.6%), Kkoedolyi (25.8%), and Batdoorung (24.2%) snacks also sold more than usual. Although they did not appear in the squid-game”>Squid Game, sales of Squid/Peanut Snack (24.1%) and squid-house-snack”>Squid House Snack (26.9%) rose.



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