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‘Ate raw meat for three years’: Man claims he has never felt better

A man from Nebraska ate raw meat for the past three years. In addition to boosting his energy levels, Weston Rowe says the diet has also prevented him from experiencing any health problems yet. Reporters in the Daily Mail quoted Weston as saying: ‘“I would say at this time I eat 99 percent farm-fresh raw meat and have never once been sick or unwell from my diet. I do not eat processed foods anymore and honestly, cannot really say I miss them either. I get all of my meat and raw dairy products from local suppliers and friends who keep livestock, and I grow my own fruit in my garden’.

According to Weston, his bizarre diet began in his 20s when he started experiencing weird symptoms such as eczema, brain fog and extreme fatigue. ‘It was not until I was 35 that I tried the carnivore diet, which was a huge trend at the time, which saw me cutting out everything but cooked meats’, he said.


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During an interview with New York Post, he revealed that his lunch was his largest meal of the day one pound of raw meat with a half-pound of raw, unsalted butter and three or four raw eggs. The mix was completed with one or more pieces of fruit. Rowe ate the same meal with a fried potato for dinner. Raw chicken, however, is associated with salmonella infection. Is that a concern for Weston? ‘I have eaten hundreds of pounds of raw chicken and I have never even gotten close to being sick. It is very controversial, but I believe that raw meat has a natural balance of bacteria on it which works symbiotically with our bodies and serves a purpose,’ he told New York Post.


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