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Polish Prime Minister accuses opposition party of lying about ‘Polexit’.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stated on Tuesday that Poland has no wish to quit the European Union, accusing opposition lawmakers of propagating misinformation about a hypothetical ‘Polexit.’

His remarks come after the Polish Constitutional Tribunal declared last week that the portions of EU law were incompatible with Poland’s constitution, undercutting a major pillar of European integration and fuelling speculation that Poland would one day leave the Union that has aided for its economic success.

On Tuesday, the decision was published in the official gazette, making it legally binding. On Sunday, more than 100,000 Poles took part in rallies in support of European Union membership.

Morawiecki stated that their opposition was attempting to infer that by leaving the European Union, they intend to damage the union. He was addressing a summit of the four central-European ‘Visegrad’ states in Budapest, Hungary.

Donald Tusk, the former president of the European Council and currently the leader of Civic Platform, warned that PiS was jeopardising Poland’s future in Europe, during a demonstration in Warsaw on Sunday.

The PiS claims that the European Union has gone beyond its authority in attempting to halt judicial reforms in Poland, which Brussels claims are undermining the independence of the judiciary.


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