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Sudhaa Chandran stopped at airport for prosthetic limb, asks PM for help in video

Sudhaa Chandran, a television actress and a known dancer, recently shared a video on her Instagram account in which she voiced her dissatisfaction with the ETD processes that are carried out at airports for persons who have an artificial attachment to their body (eg- hand, leg, etc.).

Everyone knows how Sudhaa Chandran overcame her physical impediment as a kid and went on to become an incredible dancer and performer, making the country proud, as she mentions in her video.

In her video, the actress conveyed her displeasure with the airport officials’ actions. She reported that officials ask her to remove her mechanical limb and display it to them for the ETD process every time she needs to travel, even for business reasons. She claims that this is not humanly possible and that it is also extremely harmful. Sudhaa also voiced her sadness over how women in this country should not treat each other in this manner. She pleaded with the country’s prime leader, Narendra Modi, to change the process so that, just as senior individuals have a card to present, people like her will have one as well.

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While the actress stated her concerns and issues, the response in the comments area was divided, with some accusing her of criticising the PM and others expressing their support and sorrow. Along with the video, the actress wrote, ‘Totally hurt ….each time going thru this grill is very very hurting….hope my message reaches the state Nd central govt authorities….and expecting a prompt action …..’.

Watch video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVSmB8iIDUJ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Karanvir Bohra, an actor, came out in favour of her, reposting her video and writing, ‘I totally agree with you #sudhaji there should be a facility made for such situations, in compete with you on this ???’.

She also thanked Karanvir Bohra for his support, saying she is overwhelmed and grateful for the support she is receiving because she believes this is a collective struggle rather than an individual one.


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