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Masai Mara reserve in Kenya under threat from climate change

Nairobi: The effect of climate change is now affecting Maasai Mara, one of the largest national reserves in Kenya. As per local environmental groups the climate change has affected the migration of wildebeests, which draws hundreds of researchers across the globe.

As per Mara Predator Conservation Project, this year, the decrease in rainfall has resulted in ground being drier and in drastic decrease in the number of wildebeests. Decrease in wildebeest population has effect on local food chains and food webs. The herbivore wildebeests are food of predators like lions and hyenas.

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The lack of food might make animals to venture in to coming out and this will create animal-human interactions and conflicts, said a local researcher Saitoti Silantoi.

Animals wandering and seeking other water sources poses risks of its own. When animals wander off-reserve, there are more chances of them coming in contact with humans. This increases chances of animal-human conflict in which the animal may end up getting killed.


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