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Take a look at the leaked real-life images of Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs

Intel stated earlier this year that its first-ever high-performance GPU series, the Intel Arc series, will be available in 2022. We’ve seen the estimated prices of the next GPUs since the announcement, but we haven’t seen how Intel’s graphics cards would look until today. In a recent YouTube video, a tipster has released real-life photographs of Intel’s new Alchemist series GPUs.

The YouTube channel ‘Moore’s Law is Dead’ published photographs of the Intel Arc GPUs (MLID). The YouTuber also released some critical data about both the 512 EU (Execution Units) model of the Intel Arc Alchemist GPU and the entry-level 128 EU model.

These photos are said to reveal the Intel Arc Alchemist GPU’s final shroud design. With a silver and black colour scheme and a dual-fan design to combat thermal concerns, it looks fairly polished. The connectors are now on the side of the card, along with the 8+6 pin configuration that has a maximum power withdrawal capacity of 300W.

In addition, the YouTuber posted photographs of the Intel Arc Alchemist GPU’s entry-level variant. A single fan is used in the 128 EU model. The lower-end variant will very certainly include 8 Xe Cores, a single 6-pin connector, and a silver-coloured shroud similar to its elder sibling. It’ll go up against Nvidia’s GTX 1650 Super.


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