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NASA’s lunar mission: Bezos loses to Musk

The lawsuit against Elon Musk’s company SpaceX for awarding a contract for NASA’s lunar mission has been denied. The lawsuit was probably filed by Blue Origin, a company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. NASA’s contract was worth $ 290 million. U.S. Court of Federal Claims Judge Richard Hartling ruled in favor of SpaceX. However, the details of the verdict are sealed and kept inside the cover. It contains the secrets of both companies. Soon after the news of the verdict came, Musk took to Twitter to mock Bezos. ‘You are doomed,’ he wrote.

At the same time, there are indications that Blue Origin has not accepted this ruling. The company responded to the ruling by saying that important security issues had not been resolved. Blue Origin had approached the court saying that it was not fair for NASA to award the contract to SpaceX. NASA is collaborating with private companies on a mission to land humans back on the moon.


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