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Avoid sex during these 6 times

One of the most important part of a healthy sex life is knowing when and when not to have sex.  A good sexual life is healthy for your body as well as mind. But you must not have sex all the time. There are situations where you must not have sex.

1. During Pregnancy: As per experts, one should not have sex from the 6th week to the 12th week of pregnancy. It is because the chance of miscarriage is very high during this time.

2. After Delivery: It is better to avoid sexual relationship after delivery as woman undeform many emotional changes and their desire to sex ends. One can have sex after 3to 6 months after delivery as woman returns to the pre-pregnancy period and her sexual desire also returns.

3. Heart Attack: People with heart problem must avoid sex. The stimulation during sex increases pressure on heart and it will have adverse effect.

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4.Mental Health: People with depression, stress and other mental issues must be careful during sexual activities.

5.STDs: If your partner is suffering from Sexually Transmitted Disease (SD), then you must avoid sex.

6.Painful Sex: If you feel pain during sex then you must abstain from it. Because, painful sex can cause physical and mental problems, which can affect your sexual relationship badly.


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