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Modified iPhone X has crossed the 70 lakh mark, on eBay!

The auction of the modified iPhone X has crossed 70 lakhs. This smartphone was designed by a student named Ken Pylonal. On eBay, this specially designed smartphone is listed as ‘ the world’s first USB-C iPhone’. In his blog and a YouTube video, Ken Pillonal, a robotics engineering student, reveals the process.

The very complicated process involved everything from the USB-C to the Lightning port, and then the Type-C on-end was transformed into a female port. Finally, the device is embedded inside the iPhone X to enable charging via Type-C. With the modified cable, the modified Apple X can charge and transfer data.

So far, hundreds of customers have bid for the smartphone, the highest being $ 100,100 (approximately Rs 74 lakh). The last date for submission of bids is November 11. Pillonel’s 13-minute video shows the complete project from scratch, from concept to design a custom iPhone X using a USB Type-C port.

The updated Apple iPhone packs 64GB of storage. The auction started a few days ago on November 2 for $ 3,500 (approximately Rs. 2,60,200). Customers who receive a bid will receive free delivery of a customized iPhone X. Moreover, the engineer who designed the smartphone will get this amount.


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