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This school requested all boys and male teachers to wear skirts: Here’s why.

A primary school in Edinburgh has encouraged boys and girls, as well as teachers, to wear skirts to class to promote gender equality. The initiative was launched by Castleview Primary in Edinburgh on November 4th in conjunction with ‘Wear a Skirt to School Day’. ‘We want our school to be inclusive and promote equality,’ said an email from the school to parents, according to the Daily Mail. In addition, the email stated that the school wants children to feel comfortable, and leggings or other pants may be worn under the skirts. For students who did not own a skirt, the school provided them with one.

Castleview Primary teacher Miss White tweeted pictures of the initiative. The teacher also noted that the school was trying to get as many staff and pupils to wear skirts as possible. ‘We’re keen to spread the message that clothes don’t have a gender and that we should all be free to express ourselves as we choose,’ the teachers further wrote in a message to parents. However, it is not an ironclad rule. Despite Miss White’s assurance, children were free not to participate: ‘We absolutely do not want to force anyone to wear something they’re not happy with but we’re hoping lots of you will be keen to help spread our important message. Trousers under skirts are allowed!’

Mikel Gomez was expelled last year after wearing a skirt to class, so teachers and students wore skirts to support him. Parents lauded the move, but others criticized it, questioning its rationale. A parent said, ‘Castleview, shame on you. It’s bad enough that this garbage is being pushed at the higher levels, but at the elementary level? The children in your care deserve academic education’.

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One parent said: ‘Disgraceful. Just teach the kids their basics and stop the bloody nonsense’. A spokesperson for the City of Edinburgh Council confirmed: ‘As Scotland’s capital city we are fully committed to promoting equality and diversity, and are keen to increase respect, tolerance and understanding, especially in our schools. We want to ensure all our schools are inclusive and Castleview is carrying out a lot of positive work to promote equality across all their year groups.’


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