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‘Agent of Hate’:  Gandhiji’s great-grandson slams Kangana Ranaut


Mumbai: Mahatma Gandhi’s great-grandson Tushar Gandhi on Friday lashed out at actress Kangana Ranaut, terming her as an ‘agent of hate’. He blasted out against the actress through a series of tweets, against her statement that the Independence India won in 1947 was ‘bheek’ or alms.


‘Padmashri Kangana Ranaut is an agent of hate, intolerance and rabidity. It is not surprising that she feels that India got its freedom in 2014. Hate, Intolerance, Sham Patriotism, intolerance and oppression were liberated in India in 2014’, he tweeted. ‘Purveyors of Hate got official sanction to freely propagate hate in 2014. This is what happens when a poisonous ideology is given official sanction. It is not at all surprising that subscribers of such hate would not feel that sacrifices of our freedom fighters are significant’, he noted in the next post.

‘When a very poisonous and vicious ideology gained dominance in India, it is personified by the Prime Minister. So it is natural that a vicious and petty person like Ms. Ranaut should feel that India got its freedom in 2014’, he said in another tweet. ‘It is not surprising that such statements were made in a function attended by the PM. After all today the PMO has become the fountain of hate that flows abundantly in our country’, he added.


Kangana’s statement that India got real freedom in 2014 when the Modi-led government came to power and the country’s Independence in 1947 as ‘bheek’, or alms, has triggered heavy criticisms against the Bollywood actress. The actress received the fourth highest civilian award, Padma Shri from President Ram Nath Kovind at a ceremony hosted at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in the capital on November 8.

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