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Know different kinds of orgasms that women have

Did you know there are different types of orgasms that exist? Women’s Orgasm is still a  tricky subject to most men. Knowing these would help men in strengthening their relationships. Since there is no obvious release of fluids after a woman’s orgasm, it may become difficult for men to understand if the woman has reached orgasm or is just faking it.

As per research studies, only 18% of women orgasm through intercourse and, in fact, women orgasm better with clitoral stimulation.

 Here are the different types of orgasms:

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CLITORAL ORGASM: One of the most effective ways to orgasm is to play with the clitoris. You can use vibrators and other toys to derive pleasure.

MIX ORGASM: Sometimes it is a stimulation of a mix of different erogenous zones that give you the perfect orgasm.

ANAL ORGASM: While it may a little difficult but anal stimulation for a good orgasm is real. Stimulating your anal area can give you great pleasure.

VAGINAL ORGASM: Usually unveiled via penetrative sex, you can achieve vaginal orgasms when you have intercourse or use a sex toy.

BOOBGASM: Many underestimate the power of orgasm via boob play. Women’s areolas and nipples are quite sensitive to touch because of all the nerve endings. A little bit of play with breast  will  take her to the orgasm.


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