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Mohanlal films to hit theatres : expect to haul 35 cr as tax revenue

The state government is expecting over Rs 35 crore in entertainment tax as a result of the release of the ‘Mohanlal Package’ in theatres. In addition, the Cultural Welfare Fund will provide roughly ’15 crore to the treasury.

Each ticket has to pay Rs 3 to the welfare fund. Preliminary estimates put the collection at Rs 350-375 crore. If the films are a huge success, the revenue to the government will increase proportionately. The heyday of the theatres will also give an economic boost to the allied sectors.

Earlier Mohanlal’s 5 movies were expected to release on OTT platform. Priyadarshan’s Marakkar: The Lion of the Arabian Sea ‘, Priyadarshan’s’ Boxer’, Prithviraj’s’ Bro Daddy ‘, Jeethu Joseph’s Twelth Man’ and Shaji Kailas’ ‘Alone’. However, after discussions with the government, the producer announced that ‘Marakkar’ will hit theatres on December 2.

There are indications that the government will ease restrictions on the entry of viewers into theatres. Currently, admission is limited to half the seats. Admission to 75% of seats may be granted very soon. With the release of Dulquer Salman’s ‘Kurup’ yesterday, it will be a great achievement to allow more audiences for the revived theatres.


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