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ACT Fibernet offers an extra speed of up to 500Mbps for existing customers: Read on

ACT Fibernet has a new offer running through November that will provide all clients with enhanced speed benefits. The Bengaluru-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) is offering free speed upgrades of up to 500Mbps to its broadband customers as part of the new offer. Customers can take advantage of the speed boost by downloading the ACT Fibernet app. The company’s optical fibre-based broadband service is available in cities such as Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

ACT Fibernet has issued an email to all of its consumers in India informing them of the speed boost offer. The offer is active till November 30 and is available to all ACT Fibernet users, according to the company.

If a customer’s plan speed is less than 100Mbps, they are eligible for a speed upgrade to 100Mbps under the offer. If a customer’s plan speed is greater than 100Mbps but less than 300Mbps, it will be raised to 300Mbps. Users with plan speeds of greater than 300Mbps but less than 500Mbps will be upgraded to 500Mbps.

By logging into the ACT Fibernet app, you may take advantage of the speed boost. The offer is displayed in a banner on the app’s home screen, which you must tap to activate the extra speed.

Due to the nationwide lockdown imposed by the coronavirus pandemic last year, ACT Fibernet supplied a comparable speed boost update to assist the start of work from home for many of its users.


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