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French Flag flaunts changed hues ! See it now …

According to multiple reports, France changed the color blue used in its flag, and the change went unnoticed for more than a year. Emmanuel Macron determined to change the color of the blue third of France’s flag in July 2020.

According to French news outlet CNews, the new color scheme marks a return to the darker navy blue shade used before 1976. That year, then-president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing decided to lighten the colors to better match the European Union’s flag. According to the French site Europe 1, the new shade is also a homage to the French Revolution and a ‘very political’ effort to reconnect with the past. Images taken in May 2020 and August 2020 show a striking difference in the blues, especially when the flag is compared to the EU flag.

No administrative communication has been made regarding the color change, and no instructions have been given to replace any official flags, according to a report on Europe 1. BBC reported that the new flag was raised above the presidential palace last year, but there was no celebration or acknowledgment. According to the BBC, despite years of switching to a lighter flag, the country’s navy and other official buildings still use the darker shade.


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