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Amazon fined Rs 3.71 crore for hiding Covid cases

Amazon has been fined $ 5 million (approximately Rs 3.71 crores) for not disclosing the number of Covid cases in the US company to other employees. Earlier, it was discovered that Amazon had failed to inform U.S. workers about the Covid cases.

The number of Covid-19 cases in the workplace in California was alleged to have been withheld from employees. The LA Times reported that the company has agreed to pay fines, improve the way of tracking cases and inform workers and local health agencies about cases on time.

The court ruled that warehouse workers in California must be accurately informed when new Covid cases are reported. California Attorney General Rob Bonda said the fine follows a complaint filed against Amazon alleging that the company did not properly inform warehouse workers and local health agencies about the new Covid-19 cases.

The LA Times also reported that Covid’s Right to Know (AB 685) passed in California last year was the first penalty related to legislation. By law, employers are required to notify workers of the number of Covid-19 cases each day. In addition, Covid-19 cases must be reported to local health agencies within 48 hours.


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