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Instagram asks users to verify their accounts with Selfie video

Instagram appears to have begun using a new way of verifying its users’ identities. Users are being asked to shoot a brief selfie video ‘to assist in authenticating that you’re a real person,’ according to the social networking platform. This functionality was most likely added to the platform to limit the number of fake or spam accounts. Instagram owner Meta (previously Facebook) says that no biometric data will be collected and that this function will only be used for identity verification. Existing users are not being required to go through the video selfie process because identity verification is ideally done when a new user registers on the platform.

Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, first noticed the video selfie verification method on Instagram. Instagram is apparently asking users to take a brief video of themselves tilting their heads in different directions as part of the verification procedure to ensure that they are, in fact, genuine individuals.

Users must submit the video to Meta for confirmation of identity once it has been recorded. Meta emphasises that this video will never be viewable on Instagram and will be erased from the servers within 30 days, as seen in the screenshots. The company also claims that the selfie videos will not be utilised for facial recognition and that no biometric data will be collected.


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