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Agra hospital gets an unusual patient, bandages the broken arm of Lord Krishna!


Agra: The Agra District Hospital staff went through a perplexed situation today, when a priest came wailing with an unusual request to bandage the broken arm of an idol of Lord Krishna.  The priest named Lekh Singh urged them to attend to the idol of Laddu Gopal, whose arm he accidently broke while giving it a bath in the morning.


According to eyewitnesses, the priest reached district hospital at about 9 am and insisted that the hospital staff tend to the idol. ‘When I was praying in the morning and giving bath to the idol of the lord, the idol slipped and its arm was broken. I was deeply moved because I am attached with the god. In my desperation, I went to district hospital to get it treated’, Lekh Singh, a priest at the Pathwari temple in Kheria Mod, Arjun Nagar, said. ‘No one took my request seriously at the hospital. I was broken from inside and began crying for my god’, he added.

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Even though after showing some reluctance, the hospital carried out a registration in the name of Shri Krishna’ and also bandaged the arm of the idol back. A video of the crying priest with an idol of Laddu Gopal’ – the childhood form of the deity – with a broken arm, also circulated on social media. The priest was also accompanied to the hospital by some locals.


Dr Ashok Kumar Agrawal, the Chief Medical Superintendent at the district hospital, said that he was informed by the hospital that a priest had come with an idol with a broken arm and was crying to get it treated. He said that an OP registration was made and idol was bandaged considering the priest’s sentiments and for his satisfaction.


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