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Internet speed: India lags behind poorest countries!

Global Internet Speed Test Agency Ookla reported that the internet speed in India has improved significantly. According to the report, October saw the best mobile internet speeds ever recorded in the country. But India is not even on the list of top 100 countries in terms of international internet speeds. It is another fact that India lags behind the poorest countries in the world.

The UAE has topped the October 2021 mobile internet speed list. The UAE also topped the previous rankings. The average download speed in the UAE is 273.87 Mbps and the average upload speed is 32.97 Mbps. The global average download speed is 68.44 Mbps and the upload speed is 13.79 Mbps.

According to the latest October figures, India ranks 122nd in the world in terms of internet speeds, up to five places. Mobile download speed is the best overall performance in India. It has increased from 12.82 Mbps in April to 18.98 Mbps in October. However, some other countries also slipped below 100 in the global rankings due to better performance. India ranks 71st in fixed broadband speeds.

At the end of October 2021, the world average mobile internet speed was 68.44 Mbps for downloads and 13.79 Mbps for uploads. Fixed broadband speed is 116.86 Mbps for download and 64.73 Mbps for upload. But Pakistan lags far behind in terms of development, ranking 115th in the list of mobile internet speeds. The average internet speed in Pakistan is 20.92 Mbps for download and 11.47 Mbps for upload. The average internet speed in Nigeria, ranked 105th on the list, is 24.54 Mbps for download and 9.76 Mbps for upload.


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