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Why Indian-American man hired woman to slap him for wasting time on Facebook?

An Indian-American entrepreneur made headlines this month after it was revealed that he once hired a woman to slap him every time he used Facebook. Tesla founder Elon Musk also praised Sethi’s unique approach to improving productivity, tweeting two fire emojis in appreciation. The now-viral experiment that Maneesh did form the basis of Pavlok, the company he built. According to him, Pavlok’s customers are shocked by electric shocks if they sleep in or waste time on Facebook.

Maneesh revealed in a recent interview that he decided to take the drastic step in order to stop scrolling on social media unproductively.  Maneesh discovered that he was wasting 19 hours a day after using a time management app called RescueTime. Maneesh said, ‘It made me realize I suck at working by myself so I needed someone who would make me work. So, I went to Craigslist and put up an advertisement titled ‘Slap me if I get off task’ for $8 an hour’.

What made Maneesh decide to punish him by slapping him for spending too much time on Facebook? He revealed that it was the culture of slap bets, a type of bet in which the loser receives a tight slap. It was popularized on the TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

Maneesh’s story probably resonated with several netizens who feel the same way.Other than Elon’s comments, the tweet also included solidarity messages from other netizens. According to one user, ‘I’m also addicted to scrolling social media for over ten hours a day. But I can’t afford the $8/hour scheme. Please help me with some new ideas’.

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Speaking about the relevance of his social experiment, Maneesh told Vice that since it is unconventional and aims to solve a relatable problem, it has a natural viral element. Maneesh also said that the Coronavirus pandemic has made us more susceptible to wasting time on social media and we can often feel lonely working from home.



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