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Know how condoms can be effectively used to avoid unwanted pregnancy

Condoms are the most effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy and avoiding Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). But using a condom incorrectly could lead to a number of problems like  unwanted pregnancy, a sexually transmitted disease or  even erectile dysfunction.

As per a study, men who neglected to talk about condoms before sex often experienced anxiety and embarrassment — in turn, this had a negative effect on their performance.

Here are some common errors while using condoms and know how to use condoms correctly.

Selecting wrong size: Condoms come in different sizes. Selecting the right size is the most important thing. Condoms that are too tight can choke off blood supply and it may cause erectile dysfunction. Using a larger size condom also creates problem as it can slip off during intercourse.

Wearing it incorrectly: One of the most common condom error is putting the condom on upside down, unrolling the condom before trying to put it on, and not leaving space at the tip of the condom.

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Storing it in right place: Condoms should be stored in a cool, dry place. Never store it in purses or in pockets.

Not checking the expiry date: All condoms should have an expiry date printed on the wrapper. If the date has passed, the condom is no good and won’t offer protection.


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