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Vivaldi 5.0 introduces 2 rows of Tabs 

Vivaldi 5.0 for Android has been released, and it comes with a slew of new features. The ‘Two-Level Tab Stacks’ feature, which provides two rows of tabs to its mobile browser, making it the first in the world to do so, is the centrepiece of this edition. Vivaldi chose to offer this functionality to the Android version of the browser after receiving great feedback on the PC version earlier this year. In addition, its tablet browser now includes the world’s first built-in side panels.

For this Android release, Vivaldi has been hard at work revamping its user interface. Vivaldi 5.0 allows users to customise their Tab Bar by shrinking the size of each tab and even removing the close button from active tabs. There are two ways for users to use the ‘Two-Level Tab Stacks’ functionality. They can pick New Tab Stack by long-pressing the New Tab button. Users can also form stacks by dragging one tab onto another.

Vivaldi has also improved its built-in Notes function, allowing users to use the “Append to Note” option to add big sections of text from a webpage to an existing note. When users highlight content on a webpage, this option appears. Additionally, you may now select the Dark Theme option for specific websites.

Vivaldi 5.0 is also compatible with iPads and Chromebooks. It has the first built-in side panel for tablet browsers in the world. The panel appears on the screen’s left side. It allows users to quickly access History, Downloads, Bookmarks, Notes, and other frequently used features. By tapping in the top-left corner of the location bar, you can simply toggle the side panel. Tabs in the tablet browser are similar to those seen on desktop computers, making it easy to keep track of open tabs. By concealing the Android System Status bar, it even provides a desktop-like full-screen option while browsing.


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