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These are different kinds of orgasms that women have

Women’s Orgasm is an unknown subject to most men. There are different types of orgasms that women experience. Knowing these would help men in strengthening their relationships. Since there is no obvious release of fluids after a woman’s orgasm, it may become difficult for men to understand if the woman has reached orgasm or is just faking it.

Here are the different types of orgasms:

CLITORAL ORGASM: One of the most effective ways to orgasm is to play with the clitoris. You can use vibrators and other toys to derive pleasure.

MIX ORGASM: Sometimes it is a stimulation of a mix of different erogenous zones that give you the perfect orgasm.

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ANAL ORGASM: While it may a little difficult but anal stimulation for a good orgasm is real. Stimulating your anal area can give you great pleasure.

VAGINAL ORGASM: Usually unveiled via penetrative sex, you can achieve vaginal orgasms when you have intercourse or use a sex toy.

BOOBGASM: Many underestimate the power of orgasm via boob play. Women’s areolas and nipples are quite sensitive to touch because of all the nerve endings. A little bit of play with breast  will  take her to the orgasm.


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