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Apple challenges Russia’s requirement to let developers inform customers about payment options outside App Store

Apple is fighting to safeguard its App Store business model all around the world, and the latest development takes us to Russia. After objecting to a judgement by the country’s Federal Antimonopoly Service that would allow developers to promote other payment methods to Apple’s in-app sales, Apple is pursuing legal action.

Apple receives a 15% to 30% cut of income made through the App Store, and iPhone and iPad apps can only be downloaded from the App Store.

This includes payments to subscription services such as Netflix and Spotify on a monthly basis. In order to compete with direct payments over the web, where Apple’s 15-30 per cent fee isn’t imposed, app developers constantly raise rates for in-app purchases.
After Apple failed to meet the deadline to amend its policy at the end of September, Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service filed a lawsuit against the company. Apple is now suing the FAS in an attempt to overturn the request.


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