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Know the most common ‘Sexual Fantasies’

Sexual fantasies are quite common. During a study researchers asked men and women to share their sexual fantasies and it was found that many fantasies between both were common.

Here are some common sex fantasies:

Roleplay: This is one of the most common sex fantasies. Role-playing is an excellent indicator of strong emotional bonding and feeling physically safe with your partner.

Threesome: Threesome is sex with three partners of the same or different genders. This fantasy may harm your sexual health as well as may impact your bonding with your partner in the long run.

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New locations: Sex in new locations is another popular fantasy as sex at the same location is boring. Having sex in new locations is pleasuring, healthy for sex life and brings a thrilling experience, every time.

Sex with a stranger: Many men and women have this sexual fantasy to have sex with a stranger. This is different from a one-night stand. As per a study, 50% of women reported that they fantasize about having sex with an unknown person.

Sex with a celebrity: There are many people who fantasize to sleep with their favourite celebrities. Having this fantasy may mean that you’re just attracted to this popular personality.


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