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European country approves recreational use of cannabis

Valletta: Malta has legalized the recreational use of cannabis among adults in the country. The bill was proposed by Prime Minister Robert Abela’s Labour Party. The bill must now be signed by the President to become law. Thus, the island nation has become the first country in Europe to legalize cannabis.

As per a bill passed by the Parliament in the country, people aged 18 and above can possess up to seven grams of marijuana and cultivate up to four plants at home. Non-profit groups of up to 500 people can grow the plant for members.

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The government also softened the penalties for possessing larger amount of cannabis. Adults found with up to 28 grams of cannabis for their own consumption will get a maximum fine of 100 euro. But the public consumption of cannabis will remain illegal and punishable with a 235 Euro fine, whereas consuming the drug in front of a child — in public or in private — carries a penalty between 300 and 500 Euro.

Last week, Luxembourg announced a similar proposal. Germany’s new government also plans to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. Several other countries in the world including Uruguay, Canada, Georgia, Mexico, South Africa and 18 US states as well as the capital Washington, DC., have all legalized recreational cannabis consumption. European countries such as Austria, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and the UK has approved the medical use of cannabis.


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