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WhatsApp Rolls out Audio Message Preview feature

WhatsApp said on Tuesday that users would be able to preview audio messages before sending them to their contacts. The upgrade basically allows you to listen to your voice message and choose whether or not the audio is suitable for transmission via the instant messaging app. If it isn’t, you can delete the voice message and re-record it for sharing. WhatsApp’s audio message preview works with both solo and group chats. It’s also available on all platforms, including Android and iOS, as well as the Web and desktop computers.

Touch the microphone button in a WhatsApp chat and slide it up to lock hands-free recording to use the audio message preview feature on your mobile device. This will bring up an interface with a stop button and a trash can on it. To listen to your voice message before sharing it with the receiver, tap the stop button and then the play button. By tapping on the seek bar on WhatsApp, you can jump to a specific area of the audio. Tap the trash can if you don’t find the message suitable for sending. Alternatively, you can send it by hitting send.



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