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Check out these early warning signs of kidney disease

Urea, creatinine, toxins and acids are all nitrogenous wastes that kidneys filter out of the blood to generate urine. Despite the fact that millions of people suffer from renal disease, the majority of them are entirely ignorant of it. This is why kidney disease is known as a silent killer because most patients are unaware of any symptoms until the disease gets advanced.

People frequently get their blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels checked, but many neglect to get a basic creatinine check done in the blood to rule out any undiagnosed renal problems. There are various warning signs of kidney disease, but they are commonly overlooked or misdiagnosed as other illnesses. To stay ahead of the ailment, go through some of the key signs.

Cramps in the muscles

Cramps in your legs and other parts of your body might suggest kidney disease. An electrolyte imbalance, such as potassium, sodium, calcium or other electrolytes, can cause your muscles, nerves, and peripheral system to malfunction.

Foggy mind

If your kidneys do not filter all waste out of your system, toxins can affect your brain. Anaemia can rob your brain of the oxygen it needs to function properly. It is possible that you will feel dizzy and have trouble concentrating and remembering things. You may even become bewildered to the point that simple things become difficult to recall.


Renal disease may produce a mineral and nutritional imbalance in your blood, resulting in dry and itchy skin. Elevated phosphorus levels in the blood are a common cause of itching.

Swollen feet and ankle

When your kidneys are unable to adequately remove salt, fluids build up in your body. This can cause swollen hands, feet, ankles, and legs, as well as a puffy face. Puffiness around your eyes may be caused by protein leaking from your urine.

Poor appetite and bad breath

Nausea, vomiting, and an upset stomach are all symptoms of kidney disease. It is possible that you will lose your appetite as a result of this. This can sometimes lead to weight loss. Uremia is a condition in which your kidneys are incapable of filtering waste. It is possible that your mouth will smell as a result of this. Toxins in your system can also make your food taste metallic or unpleasant.

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Changed urination patterns

Kidneys that are in good shape help to filter blood and generate urine. Urinary difficulties, such as the need to urinate more frequently or seeing blood in the urine, can occur when the kidneys aren’t functioning correctly. You may also notice frothy or bubbly urine, which might be an early sign that protein is leaking into your urine due to damaged kidneys.


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