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Here are some facts about the world’s most ‘hated jobs’!

There are some jobs that are just not very popular. Traffic wardens and tax collectors are two types of workers who receive a terrible reputation internationally. Stock traders and school principals are also among the least liked jobs, according to lists and forums across the Internet. However, these disliked careers may have an invaluable lesson to teach us.

Dentists strike fear into the hearts of many kids worldwide. The truth is that even though dentists do great work, they are still feared and disliked by far too many people. Many suffer from ‘dental anxiety,’ which can be triggered by anything from the smell to the chair to the lack of control.

Stock traders
The media portrays stock traders as money-makers who will do anything for a quick buck. In the words of Michael Douglas’ character from Wall Street, ‘Greed is a virtue’. A stock trader is someone who buys and sells stocks for their inventors. Taking quick decisions and being lucky are critical components of this high-intensity job.

A school child finds the principal’s office intimidating. Students dislike school, so they’re bound to dislike the person in charge of operations. In reality, principals are hard-working individuals with a great deal of responsibility. Although they may clash with kids and parents alike, they also provide emotional support on top of their rigorous administrative work.

Used car salesmen
Movies and TV shows tend to stereotype pre-owned car salesmen as greasy-haired liars. Maybe they deserve a bit more respect. In addition to their aggressive sales tactics, used car salesmen are criticized for allegedly adding on products and extra services to their customers’ bills.

Lawyers guide their clients through the mysterious world of the justice system. Sadly, this system is slow and imperfect, and lawyers receive the brunt of client criticism. The client-lawyer relationship can be strained when there is money involved. Lawyers often suffer negative reputations due to high fees.

News anchors/journalists
The media, especially TV news anchors, have come under more criticism in this climate. People often criticize anchors for broadcasting bad news by shooting the messenger.

There has always been a dislike of politicians, and things are no different today. Politicians have been criticized for being dishonest. Typically, politicians are well-paid and are disliked for allegedly not representing the people who elected them.

Real estate agents
In the past, real estate agents have been accused of working individually for their own benefit. Real estate agents are also disliked for their poor communication and lack of respect. Some agents have been criticized for fabricating stories to sell a property, instead of being transparent with clients.

Traffic wardens
Most people dislike traffic wardens because they are unpredictable and strike when you least expect it. A traffic warden’s job isn’t easy. It involves a lot of travel, as well as noise and air pollution.

Customer service executives
Customers-care executives are another group of workers who get a bad rap. Being a good customer service worker requires being very empathetic and understanding, which can be difficult to maintain day after day. They are often criticized for not solving client problems as quickly as possible. In addition, they are often criticized for not being able to fix something that is not within their scope of responsibility. The job is challenging, and it could use a bit more respect.

Renters all over the world instinctively dislike landlords, who are depicted as bad guys for allegedly raising rent and pushing people out of their apartments. Other reasons people don’t trust landlords include deposit problems, as well as suspicion that they invade their tenants’ privacy during inspections.


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