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These breakfast items will give you energy and help you lose weight

Breakfast, undoubtedly it is the most important meal of the day. As the name suggests, it’s breaking the fast after about 10 hours! It definitely boosts up the energy levels of a person. However, some people believe that eating breakfast early will cause them to gain weight, so they skip meals.

You should include specific foods in our breakfast to help us overcome this dread. You can lose weight as well as keep yourself full. Some of the things that can help you lose weight for breakfast are listed below.

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You can eat curd for breakfast

Curd is a delicious breakfast choice. It is nutrient-dense and incredibly good for one’s health. It also aids in the achievement of your weight-loss goal. It helps you to reduce weight, especially abdominal fat. Additionally, the calcium in it helps to build your bones.


It is also a good idea to include upma in your breakfast. This provides you with a tremendous amount of energy. Upma is high in fibre, which keeps your stomach satisfied for a long period. Upma is also effective in lowering cholesterol levels.

Eat moong cheela

Moong dal helps you lose weight in a big way. It also has a slew of other health advantages. Moong dal also contains a lot of fibre, which keeps your stomach full. There is also a lot of protein, which is good for the body.


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