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Parents are told to hide transgender and non-binary students’ identities at school: Report

According to a report, an American school apparently asked its teachers not to tell parents about transgender and non-binary children. The teachers at Walsh Middle School, which is part of the Round Rock Independent School District, received instructions on how to deal with such students. Students at a school in a suburb of Austin, Texas, were instructed not to contact their parents or tell them to their families.

As reported in The Daily Caller, the school district says this training material for teachers was not approved by it and cannot be used there. The district is also reviewing the incident and ensuring that protocols are in place for such presentations to be reviewed and approved in advance.

Furthermore, the teachers are guided in how to interact with transgender and non-binary students in the material. This also included information about how to correct oneself after misgendering someone. They were also instructed to correct any transgender or non-binary individual who misgendered them. It was also requested that they avoid using gendered language in general. Many parents have now filed lawsuits after learning about the incident.


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