The way you cuddle your partner reveals the status of your relationship

Body language reveals a lot about you. The way couples position themselves in bed can  reveals about their relationship.

The warmth you can give your partner while cuddling spreads a relaxed feeling. This is not just a physical experience but far more. There are studies supporting the benefits of cuddling. But do you know that the way you cuddle says a lot about your relationship too? Let’s understand this.

Side-by-side and butt-to-back: Cuddling your lover like this signifies that they like being one. People who engage in such acts usually have a similar wavelength.

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Face to Face: This is one of the most common forms of cuddling. This means you have the habit of sharing everything with your partner.

Head on Chest: This type of cuddling signifies support. A couple who hugs in this fashion are supportive of each other and they trust each other.

Towering over another: If your partner has the habit of bending over you, it means your partner has a protective instinct towards you. Such relationships are likely to go the distance.

Well, whatever be the style, cuddle has a lot of benefits. So if you are not doing it enough, now is the time.


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