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Simple ‘Stop’ requests will now be answered by Google Assistant

With a new command that doesn’t require any wake words, it should be much easier to stop Google Assistant from talking. As part of a new Google Assistant update, you can now silence your smart display or speaker just by saying ‘stop’, Google tweeted. There’s no need to say ‘Hey, Google’ to get Google Assistant to stop talking if it’s giving a long response or was summoned by mistake.

There is a possibility that this is an early, partial rollout of Google Assistant’s Quick Phrases feature beyond the Pixel 6 series. According to 9to5Google, Quick Phrases enable users to do things like set timers, make alarms, control smart lights, create notes, and manage calls without using the ‘Hey, Google’ command.

Similar to Google Assistant’s Continued Conversation feature, the assistant keeps the microphone open for follow-up questions/commands after a response has been provided, eliminating the need to use ‘Hey Google’ multiple times.

Gizmodo reports that the stop feature appears to work on Google smart speakers already, but only for responses coming from Google Assistant. For example, if the assistant starts playing a song or video on a third-party service, you need to keep saying ‘Hey, Google’ to stop it.

It will be interesting to see if the stop command and Quick Phrases appear on phones other than the Pixel series. On a Samsung Galaxy S20, it didn’t even understand our ‘Hey Google’ command as it rambled about Mesopotamia.


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