Biden promises to nominate black woman US Supreme Court in February

The US President Joe Biden stated on Thursday that he expects to propose a black woman to replace retiring US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer by the end of February, a historic first that he called “long overdue.”

Biden was at the White House with Breyer, whom he has known since the 1970s, after the 83-year-old justice formally announced his retirement in a letter to the president. Breyer wrote that he intends to leave the court at the end of its current term, typically at the end of June, assuming his successor is confirmed by the United States Senate.

Biden, who won the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination in large part due to significant support from Black people, stated that he promised to name a Black woman to a lifetime position on the Supreme Court during that campaign and would follow that pledge.

“Our procedure will be rigorous. I will choose a nominee who will carry on Justice Breyer’s record of quality and decency,” Biden described the selection of a Supreme Court justice as one of the most critical constitutional tasks of the president.



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