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Trump prepares for a comeback, faces legal and political challenges

A fellow golfer introduced Donald Trump as the “45th president of the United States” as he prepared to tee off at one of his Florida golf clubs.

Trump said matter-of-factly, “45th and 47th,” before launching his drive.

The remark served as a reminder that the former president is always thinking about another presidential candidacy. However, Trump is facing a series of mounting difficulties as a succession of complex legal investigations ensnare him, his family and a number of allies.

The investigations, which are taking place in numerous jurisdictions and are looking into everything from possible fraud and election tampering to Trump’s role in the January 6 uprising, are the most serious legal danger he has faced in decades of a contentious public life. They’re getting more intense as Trump’s iron grip on the Republican Party is loosening.

Trump’s popularity among Republicans is waning, with 71 percent of Republicans saying they like him, down from 78 percent in a September 2020 AP-NORC/USAFacts poll. However, according to a new poll, only a slim majority of Republicans (56%) want him to run for president in 2024.

Despite the legal and political challenges, many people who are close to Trump describe him as unfazed, buoyed by a feeling of invincibility that has allowed him to return from disastrous turns, such as two impeachments, that would have terminated the careers of other leaders. He’s pushing forward, hinting at a presidential run in the future.



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