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Biden task committee aims at strengthening labour unions

On Monday, the Biden administration’s task committee on organised labour released a list of proposals that could make it simpler for federal employees and contractors to form unions.

According to a White House press release, the study provided to President Joe Biden includes 70 different policy ideas. By presidential order in April, Biden established the task team, which is chaired by Vice President Kamala Harris and vice chaired by Labor Secretary Marty Walsh.

According to the analysis, a decades-long decline in union membership has coincided with an increase in the share of income going to the top 10% of earnings.

It goes on to suggest that most Americans think of unions positively and would join one if given the chance in a vote. However, according to the Labor Department, only 10.3 percent of workers were members of a union in 2021, down from 20.1 percent in 1983.

Many of the measures to boost unionisation are targeted at the federal government as a potential employer. The Interior Department is one of four federal departments that will now allow union organisers to speak with employees on federal property, a provision that also applies to private-sector employees who work for the government on a contract basis.


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